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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Feb 3, 2011

Emco High Voltage is offering the A Series of ultra-miniature, DC to HV DC converters for applications requiring minimal size and weight.

The converters are offered in a package occupying less than one tenth of a cubic inch of volume and a profile of 0.250in (6.35mm), with controllable output voltages ranging from 100 to 6,000V.

The A Series of converters utilises proven DC to high-voltage DC-conversion technology

Turn-on voltage is very low at less than 0.7V, allowing for wide output voltage operating range.

Use of a resonant, quasi-sinewave oscillator and fully shielded transformer result in clean, reliable high-voltage conversion with inherently low ripple, EMI/RFI and input ripple current, making this product suitable for integration into noise-sensitive equipment.

A separate high-impedance control pin is standard, suitable for external error amplifier control in closed-loop systems or simple on/off control.

Output power is 1W standard, with 1.5W available as an option.

No external components or minimum load are required.

A proprietary encapsulation process and high-performance formula are used to achieve high-voltage and thermal properties.

Isolation is +/-500V bias on the output return.

Input-to-output leakage current is less than 100nA and coupling capacitance is less than 250pF.

The A Series utilises proven DC to high-voltage DC-conversion technology.

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