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Display Technology

A2 Spectrum Business Centre
Medway City Estate
Telephone: (UK) +44 1634 295555

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Listing of all 20 news releases from Display Technology:

Widescreen monitor is tougher than most

32in monitor delivers a cost-effective touch and nontouch solution and features an IP64 dustproof narrow bezel design to protect against dirt and dust.

News from Display Technology (22 April 2008)

Split screens remain clear in the sunlight

The new narrow bezel technology has made video walls suitable for applications with a bezel width of only 15mm.

News from Display Technology ( 5 February 2008)

TFT modules are matched with SBCs

Kits for TFT LCDs from 6.5 to 82in can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications as well as medical, ruggedised, marine and digital signage.

News from Display Technology ( 1 January 2008)

LCD panel is first with next-generation interface

Samsung's new 30in LCD incorporates a DisplayPort interface that transmits graphics data at a total datarate of 10.8Gbit/s.

News from Display Technology (26 July 2007)

Self-regulating LCD brightness - easy as ABC

Novel 2.1in LCD panel for high-end mobile devices provides quarter-VGA resolution and comes equipped with sensors designed to adjust brightness to optimise ambient lighting.

News from Display Technology (29 March 2007)

Mobile 7in display takes drivers onboard

Samsung's 7in LCDs are set to take the lead in the WVGA display