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News Release from: Direct Logix
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 13 July 2006

Printline invests in engineering planning system

Direct Logix has announced the purchase made by Printline of Control Center automated manufacturing process planning software for bare printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing.

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Printline has invested in Control Center automated manufacturing process planning software for bare printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing. Flemming Buhl, Manager, at Printline, commented: 'We wanted new value added services for our European customers and maximum automation in our Mania UCAM engineering group'. 'Additionally, the system needed to be implemented without the complexity of requiring a dedicated programmer to support the software'.

'After competitive benchmark review we choose Control Center , which provides us with an automatic, integrated enterprise class solution for data loading into Barco UCAM, Stackup, Traveler generation and more'.

'We are proud to have been selected by Printline for their process planning needs', said Leigh Eichel, Vice President of Sales for Direct Logix.

'Control Center XP's open Procedure Management, Stackup and Traveler Creation Automation abilities give our customers an infrastructure that creates a real competitive advantage building a complete factory hardware neutral, automated, front-end solution'.

Control Center XP, developed by Direct Logix, is an automated rules-driven process planning system that drastically reduces costs, and pre production engineering time.

Control Center process planning is based on electronic customer and manufacturing specifications.

Its rules engine dynamically generates the BOM (Bill of materials), Part Traveler and CAM instructions - all revision controlled.

Control Center helps to automate time-consuming and error-prone tasks by creating a central engineering database in each factory.

Allowing users to put more jobs on the production floor and increase their profits.

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