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Product category: PC-Compatible Boards and Assemblies
News Release from: Display Solutions | Subject: Aaeon Gene-6330
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 6 June 2003

Slimline SBC squeezes into hotspots

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A new super-slim super-compact single board computer is specially designed for use in heat-sensitive applications where weight and space constraints are the highest priority

Manufactured by Aaeon, the new Gene-6330 features the Transmeta Crusoe TM5400 600MHz CPU, a processor boasting the industry's highest performance per Watt ratio. The TM5400 typically operates at less than 1W when running regular office applications. Heavy-duty applications such as DVD movies consume on average less than 2W.

These figures illustrate the processor's revolutionary power management technique that is designed to deliver performance when necessary while conserving power when processor demand is low.

Consequently it can eliminate performance and energy wastage to make the most efficient use of power and extend battery life in portable applications.

Ideal for use in ultradense server applications and mobile devices, the new Gene-6330 also complies with the ACPI standard and supports three types of power saving features: doze, suspend and standby modes.

The low power consumption TM5400 processor enables the Gene-6330 to be used in fanless environments.

Additional on-board features include 64Mbyte SDRAM, SODIMM socket and mini PCI slot for expansion.

Optional support is provided for a PCMCIA socket.

Overall, the Gene-6330 is Aaeon's slimmest board in the subcompact board series, measuring just 2.6cm high.

State-of-the-art graphics facilities are provided by an onboard SMI 712 LynxEM+ chip delivering 36bit TFT and 24bit DSTN panel support with enhanced DSTN display quality via 64-colour shading.

The Gene-6330 also supports dual display devices allowing two applications to operate at the same time across two display devices such as CRT and LCD or interlaced TV.

In addition, the Gene-6330 supports image rotation through driver settings, a function that is very useful in applications such as desktop publishing and word processing.

The Gene-6330 is also well endowed with regard to connectivity.

The board comes with high speed serial ports (one RS232 and one RS232/422/485), one multimode ECP/EPP/SPP parallel port, four USB ports, a keyboard/PS/2 mouse interface, two floppy drives and an UltraDMA33 EIDE interface.

Furthermore, a Type II CompactFlash slot offers additional data storage facilities.

An RJ45 10/100Base-Tx Ethernet port provides network access and the integrated AC97 2.0/SoundBlaster legacy audio enables better presentation for multimedia applications.

The Gene-6330 provides complete OS support encompassing Windows 98, 2000, Me, NT 4.0, XP, WinCE.NET, embedded Windows XP and Linux RedHat 7.3.

With its extremely low power consumption and low profile design, the new Gene-6330 is an ideal SBC solution for a multitude of space-constrained applications.

It is particularly suitable for use in fanless applications such as ultradense servers, mobile devices and in-car computing.

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