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UMD Technology acquires Dimensions Consulting

UMD Technology has acquired Silicon-Valley-based Dimensions Consulting in a deal that was finalised on 31st January 2006 and is the company's third acquisition since 2003

News from Dimensions Consulting (2 February 2006)

Mastilock to focus on Silicon Valley

Anita Mastilock has joined Dimensions Consulting as Account Manager for the Silicon Valley area

News from Dimensions Consulting (13 October 2005)

New office is dedicated to Southeast Asia

Dimensions Consulting has opened a full-time office in Singapore to support Southeast Asia

News from Dimensions Consulting (3 May 2005)

Expansion brings socket manufacture in-house

Dimensions Consulting has doubled the size of its headquarters in Santa Clara, California to include an in-house manufacturing division for all its test sockets

News from Dimensions Consulting (15 April 2005)

Test interface solutions on show at ITC

Dimensions Consulting will be demonstrating its full complement of performance-engineered test interface solutions on Booth 1127 at the 35th International Test Conference

News from Dimensions Consulting (14 October 2004)

Chiller takes the heat off power devices

The SuperTemp 300 chiller is a new option for the innovative Temperature Controller 1575 from Dimensions Consulting that allows engineers to cool 180W devices to -40C

News from Dimensions Consulting (8 June 2004)


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