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Product category: Touchscreens and Touch Sensors
News Release from: Devlin Electronics | Subject: Touch-screen solutions
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 13 May 2005

LCDs are on the button

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The Components Division of Devlin Electronics has launched two touch-screen solutions

The Components Division of Devlin Electronics has launched two touch-screen solutions - the Microtips range of character and graphics touch screen LCDs, and the E3 switch series, a new generation of 'soft-controlled' pushbutton switches with programmable LCD graphics and an extensive range of RGB colours.

The appeal of the Microtips LCD solutions is the depth and capability of the engineering backup, with a very rapid turnaround service for prototypes.

The LCD can either be selected from an extensive standard range, or it can be designed to meet very specific parameters, such as viewing angle, temperature range, backlight capability etc They incorporate COB, TAB, COF and COG technologies.

Character modules vary from an 8 x 1 matrix to a 40 x 4 matrix.

The graphics LCD modules vary from 80 x 80 to 320 x 240.

Extended temperature ranges are available, for example down to -70C for hostile environments.

The main applications will include audio, broadcast, electronic control systems and medical equipment.

The LCDs are manufactured to ISO9002 approvals, and are tested to military standards for shock, vibration, humidity and temperature range.

LED, electroluminescent and cold cathode fluorescent light options are also available.

Devlin's other new range, the E3 series of programmable switches, will greatly simplify the design of many types of equipment - for example broadcast mixer desks.

Thanks to its reprogrammable nature, a single E3 switch can replace and whole row of conventional illuminated switches, enabling the routing of many different functions within a single switch.

In mixer desk applications, these multiple functions will include routing multiple cameras and microphones.

The programmable nature of the switches also means that the legend/graphic on the switch can be very easily changed, putting an end to sticky labels.

The new switches are very tactile in use, and with high-contrast legends/graphics, they are very easy to read, providing an excellent, intuitive, human interface - the user simply 'steps through' the different options on the switch, just as you would step through the menu options of a mobile.

The E3 switches can also be retro-fitted to 'legacy' products designed around the traditional red/green matrix switches.

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