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Product category: PCB Assembly Equipment and Tools
News Release from: DEK | Subject: Horizon
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 28 May 2008

Print platforms add features and

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DEK has added a number of performance and productivity improvements to its Horizon product line.

All three models in the Horizon platform now boast industry leading machine accuracy and repeatability, including the Horizon 01i topping the list with a 2.0 Cpk at +/-25um Extending the performance documentation even further, DPMO statistics are also available

Functionality and shop floor productivity have been increased with the addition and extension of understencil cleaning and print verification technologies on other models in the range.

Cyclone DEK's multi-award-winning understencil cleaning technology, is now available on the Horizon 03i.

Cyclone is a breakthrough high-speed understencil cleaning technology that substantially boosts cleaning speed and efficiency.

But in addition to shorter cleaning times, Cyclone also delivers a significant throughput advantage, combining longer intervals between paper roll changeovers with reduced changeover times.

The time and cost saving this represents extends manufacturing productivity beyond traditional expectations - a development that is further complemented by a significant reduction in required paper volume.

The entire Horizon platform range is now available with HawkEye DEK's premier post print verification technology.

HawkEye introduces a new inspection philosophy which isolates faults through rapid good/bad verification instead of performing excessively data-rich inspection during high-speed manufacturing.

Unlike other systems, HawkEye can verify 100% of printed boards within the line beat rate by analysing streamed images as opposed to successive still images.

Depending on the model, image acquisition speeds range from 750 to 1700mm2/s.

Changes to the Horizon 03i also address operator ergonomics and enable lightning fast internal access to the machine with the incorporation of DEK's popular gullwing panel design system and swing arm mounted, trackball operated graphical user interface with flat panel LCD.

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