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Product category: PCB Assembly Equipment and Tools
News Release from: DEK | Subject: HD Grid-Lok
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 7 September 2007

Tooling system offers fast setup

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HD Grid-Lok's 12mm pin pitch can be set up in seconds to provide complete and flexible board support

DEK's HD Grid-Lok is a high-density tooling solution designed to support the entire PCB assembly and improve productivity without the need for manual intervention. HD Grid-Lok's 12mm pin pitch can be set up in seconds to provide complete and flexible board support. Activated at the touch of a button, the tooling fixture completely eliminates set-up overheads, requiring minimal intervention from the line operator and eradicating the delay associated with dedicated tooling fixture configuration.

The flexibility of this automatic tooling system is ideal for high-changeover manufacturing environments, delivering effortless integration at the product changeover stage to eliminate the potential for human error.

Based on a modular foundation concept, HD Grid-Lok will conform to any given board profile to deliver cost-effective manufacturing on demand.

For all subsequent boards, the system can be reset in seconds to meet diverse assembly requirements.

The new system easily conforms to individual substrate topographies, with pins automatically locked into position to emulate a custom tooling plate on even the most densely populated boards.

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