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Telephone: (UK) +44 1305 760760

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Screen service provides fast delivery

Manufacturers of PV cells can combine DEK's precision screens with printers from DEK or third-party suppliers.

News from DEK ( 9 May 2008)

Printing system upgrades materials deposition

Enclosed head printing provides exceptionally efficient materials transfer, superior throughput rates, higher process yields, lower material consumption and improved process control.

News from DEK (31 March 2008)

Print platform handles large image sizes

The Europa Vi can handle large board products up to 7.5kg in weight and 6mm thick and features heavy-duty remote board stops.

News from DEK (25 March 2008)

Software offers speedy verification

HawkEye operates at the line beat rate, delivering a go/no-go indication for each board and isolating faulty boards in real-time.

News from DEK (20 March 2008)

SMT platform philosophy spawns solar cells

DEK has developed a new range of highly modular PV cell manufacturing solutions to accommodate the demanding needs of the industry going forward.

News from DEK (19 February 2008)

Platform streamlines screen printing

 User application article   The Horizon 03i comes equipped with DEK's Instictiv user interface and the ISCAN control network, which supports a faster, lighter and more reliable bus system.

News from DEK (18 January 2008)

System doubles printing output

DEK's new solution delivers full in-line production at high speed, while occupying a significantly reduced line footprint.

News from DEK (31 October 2007)

Printer handles tough substrates

Reel-to-Reel printing delivers an accurate, cost-effective and versatile process solution to optimise complex and continuous assembly.

News from DEK (16 October 2007)

Tooling system offers fast setup

HD Grid-Lok's 12mm pin pitch can be set up in seconds to provide complete and flexible board support.

News from DEK ( 7 September 2007)

Alliance targets solar cell manufacturing

DEK and BTU's new alliance will be officially unveiled at the 22nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference.

News from DEK ( 5 September 2007)

Imaging company opens Chinese facility

DEK has opened a state of the art manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China as part of its ongoing strategic expansion programme in the region.

News from DEK (31 August 2007)

Shenzhen plant to play major global role

A new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Shenzhen is expected to account for 50% of DEK's total worldwide production by the end of 2007.

News from DEK ( 3 August 2007)

Materials management is key to manufacturability

Process-enabling system brings high volume production to products that might not otherwise be viable.

News from DEK (12 July 2007)

Carrier cuts down on alignment processes

Novel substrate centring and carrier technology enables multiple component support and alignment during screen printing and all subsequent assembly processes.

News from DEK (10 July 2007)

Mounting process makes stencils easier to use

Novel stencil system extends VectorGuard range to deliver enhanced manufacturing flexibility.

News from DEK (21 May 2007)

Electronics company exhibits in Brazil

DEK has will exhibit alongside local representative SMA in booth # L70/M71 at the upcoming Electronica Brazil show.

News from DEK ( 9 April 2007)