News Release from: Discretix Technologies
Subject: CryptoFlash
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 10 August 2004

Embedded security for Flash-based storage devices

CryptoFlash is a robust, high-performance security solution for embedded storage, removable storage cards of all formats and USB Flash drives (UFDs).

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CryptoFlash is a robust, high-performance security solution for embedded storage, removable storage cards of all formats and USB Flash drives (UFDs). CryptoFlash provides the foundation for the deployment of value added applications such as: digital rights management (DRM), protected storage, mobile commerce and banking, authentication, one-time-password, and high-capacity SIM cards. CryptoFlash is a complete security solution, including all the components necessary to make strong security viable in the storage market.

CryptoFlash is designed to deliver high-speed on-the-fly cryptographic operations, making the security solution transparent to the end user.

CryptoFlash's small silicon footprint, ease of integration and low power consumption allow the device manufacturers short time to market, with a lower bill of materials.

CryptoFlash comprises hardware IP cores with associated firmware and software.

CryptoFlash provides all major standard bulk encryption, hashing and PKI algorithms as well as implementation of secure storage.

Multiple private keys can be safely generated onboard using CryptoFlash's state-of-the-art digital random number generator (DRNG).

Support is also provided for standard certificate schemes.

"The launch of CryptoFlash delivers high security without the performance bottle necks, enabling a whole new range of applications to deployed on storage cards and USB Flash drives", said Edo Ganot, VP Marketing and Business Development.

He continued: "Currently the increase use of mobile storage solutions is driving a strong demand for effective security in both the in consumer and corporate sectors".

"In addition the continued evolution of wireless services will unleash a demand for value-added applications which require end to end data security; CryptoFlash will form a vital link in this chain".

CryptoFlash is the industry leading solution for securing embedded storage, removable storage cards of all formats and USB Flash drives.

It is a multilayer solution with the hardware IP core layer ensuring robust, high-end security while maintaining cost-effective design with a minimal gate-count and unparalleled performance.

The CryptoFlash firmware layer ensures smooth operation and easy integration.

Its modular design enables customers to choose the solution they need without unnecessary extras.

CryptoFlash has been developed with a system wide approach to avoid the implementation flaws that historically have dogged other encryption systems assembled from disparate blocks.

The robust security provided by Crypto Flash opens up new applications for memory cards enabling them to play a more active role when used in handsets, PCs or any other computing device; it even makes the card a robust public key cryptographic engine that can be utilised in VPN, entertainment and commerce applications.

For example data or user credentials securely stored on the mobile phone can now be transferred securely between the card and host, enabling seamless portability between devices.

Other applications for secured Flash include using cards: to hold cash balances for electronic cash; to store user credentials for e/m-commerce; as an identity token, access control (remote access etc), for VPN, e-mails etc; to digitally sign transactions; to validate and secure DRM protected content and accelerate its decryption for playing; to protect preloaded DRM content and support playing in various devices; and tunnelling between card and mobile handset to improve network security.

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