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News Release from: Dataquest Solutions | Subject: Spectrum CompactPCI and PXI board products
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 2 December 2003

PCI range evolves to
cPCI and PXI formats

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Spectrum has developed a new, advanced and extensive range of CompactPCI and PXI board products

Using data transfer rate advantages of the PCIbus, but with a format in line with the needs of the industrial user, the new Compact PCI (cPCI) hardware produces systems that are very performance stable and robust. This extensive cPCI range is available in both industry standard 3 and 6U formats and ideal for multiboard 19in rack systems for the factory, the research laboratory, or indeed anywhere where a standard PC needs to be remote or replaced by a robust embedded PC module inside the rack.

Based on the CompactPCI 3U standard, the PXI range takes the advantages of the cPCI a step further by applying integrated triggering and timing signal lines for ease of synchronisation of multiboard systems, without the need for further options.

Where test and measurement is concerned a common frequency reference is usually vital, where for example one board is providing a test stimuli and another acquiring the result.

With PXI this is a standard feature working through the backplane of the chassis.

Care in the design of these products, in particular in relation to component choice and robust connectors has been done ensure a long and reliable operating lifetime.

This close attention to design, (as already exemplified by the established Spectrum PCI range), is further enhanced by ensuring the end user has access to a wide range of software drivers for Windows and Linux.

Whether the programmer uses code, or one of the optional drivers for LabView, Dasylab, FlexPro, Agilent VEE or Matlab, development time is greatly reduced with aid of included programming examples.

All hardware also comes with a free display and programming package called SBench, for real time display, logging and signal analysis.

Application areas for the Spectrum cPCI and PXI include: datacommunications, measurement and amplification, telecommunications, GPS, transportation, video and audio capture - to name but a few.

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