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Product category: Switches and Keyboards
News Release from: Danielson (UK) | Subject: Membrane switches
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 16 August 2004

Membranes improve performance and

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Developments in membrane switch technology have opened up new areas of application in the automotive sector, says Andy Birch, Production Manager for Danielson.

Although membrane switches and keyboards are widely used in industrial and consumer products they have, until recently, had limited application in the automotive sector This has largely been due to the limitations in technology when compared with conventional methods of switching and backlighting and to the protracted process of achieving accreditation to automotive standards

Perhaps as importantly, the complexity of selling this technology to specifiers and buyers in all tiers in the industry has further added to the slow take up of technology that otherwise offers exciting and innovative possibilities to automotive system designers.

To date, it has generally been concerns about long term durability in what is an extremely demanding operating environment that has caused specifiers to shy way from the use of membrane switches and keypads.

Now, however, to overcome the challenges of widely fluctuating temperatures and often high humidity, suppliers are now developing membrane technology specifically for in-car or in-cab systems.