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Datel (UK)

C and D Technologies
1 Tanners Drive, Blakelands North
Milton Keynes
MK14 5BU
Telephone: (UK) +44 1908 615232

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Listing of all 27 news releases from Datel (UK):

More current from single-inline POL convertors

Datel's new LSN-16A series SIP DC/DC convertors enable true point-of-use (point-of-load) power processing.

News from Datel (UK) (14 September 2004)

SNR is key spec for speedy sampling convertor

The ADS-953 sampling ADC optimises signal return paths and provides internal, local decoupling to obtain an outstanding -95dB peak harmonic specification and 76uV RMS noise-level performance.

News from Datel (UK) (29 April 2004)

High-current POL convertors support IBA

Nonisolated, point-of-load convertors boast 85-96% efficiencies at competitive prices to help the intermediate bus architecture (IBA) gain respect.

News from Datel (UK) (18 August 2003)

Lower-current quarter bricks fill market gap

Datel reckons its latest quarter-brick range fills a glaring price/performance void in the DC/DC product landscape.

News from Datel (UK) ( 9 July 2003)

Panel-mounting ammeters mate with standard shunts

The DCA5-20PC series of LED-display DC ammeters precisely scale, digitise and display the output of standard 50/100mV DC shunts.

News from Datel (UK) ( 7 July 2003)

Hybrid handles highest CCD performance

The ADCDS-1405 is a functionally complete, top of the line image digitiser made for direct connection to the highest performing CCDs.

News from Datel (UK) ( 2 May 2003)