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News Release from: Commsonic | Subject: TestiPHY(802.16)
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 23 December 2002

Program checks wireless interoperability

Cambridge-based Commsonic has released the first in a range of free and low-cost simulation and verification tools aimed at developers of SoCs and broadband communications systems

TestiPHY(802.16) is a Matlab program that generates COFDM modulation waveforms according to the new IEEE broadband wireless access (BWA) Standard 802.16a. The current release of the tool is compliant with revision D6 of the standard but it will be updated to track changes to the protocol as they emerge.

TestiPHY(802.16) allows developers to explore the impact of transmission path impairments on the integrity of the modulated signal but is primarily intended as a pattern source for verifying the compliance of Matlab, SystemC, C++ or HDL simulation models of 802.16a receivers.

Commsonic's 802.16 Product Manager, Neil Shipp said that the company was making the TestiPHY tool available free of charge to encourage developers to use a common reference for compliance testing and to start the verification testing as soon as possible in the design flow.

'We're keen to see that 802.16, and future communications standards, are not afflicted by the kind of interworking headaches that have hampered the progress of Bluetooth', said Paul Rudkin, the company's General Manager.

'Bluetooth demonstrated the value of the Unplugfest as a forum for ensuring that different solutions interwork, and for fostering a technology community.

We'd like to see the same benefits from Virtual Unplugfests that occur before designs are realised', he added.

Commsonic is keeping the product roadmap for its, humorously named, 'SocDrawer' tool range under wraps but aims to expand TestiPHY with versions for other recent and emerging broadband communications Standards including 802.11, 802.15 and Bluetooth 2 and, otherwise, has plans to reduce the costs associated with software/hardware codevelopment.

TestiPHY(802.16) is available for immediate download from the Commsonic website.

(This was Electronicstalk's Top Story on 20 December 2002).

(This was Electronicstalk's Top Story on 20 December 2002)

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