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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Nov 30, 2009

Cissoid has introduced the Mercury 80V small-signal N-channel MOSFET to its Planet range of high-temperature transistors and switches.

Mercury has a guaranteed operating temperature range from -55 to 225C, an input capacitance of 32pF and gate leakage limited to 5.6uA at 225C.

The product is suitable for high-temperature sensor interfaces, such as piezoelectric sensor or to implement a guard amplifier.

This logic-level MOSFET sinks up to 230mA at 225C and can also be used to switch medium or high resistances, for example to convert a 3.3/5V logic signal to a high-voltage open-drain output with turn-on/off times lower than 5ns.

With the gate tied to the source, Mercury can be used as an 80V small-current diode for high-reliability at high temperature.

Mercury, referenced as CHT-SNMOS80 is available in a TO-39 metal can package for sampling and evaluation.

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