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Cherry Electrical Products

Unit L President Way
Airport Excecutive Part
Telephone: (UK) +44 1582 506166

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Keyboard comes with inbuilt RFID reader

Dual interface keyboard for contact and contactless chip cards targets applications that call for high level of security, while maintaining ease of operation and cost-effectiveness.

News from Cherry Electrical Products ( 7 April 2008)

Switching to a long-term relationship

Herga relies on miniature snap-action switches from Cherry to function to the highest levels of performance and reliability.

News from Cherry Electrical Products ( 5 March 2008)

Switches cut price but not performance

Featuring an ultrasmall travel differential and a wide variety of actuators, GP series snap switches are also available with low operating force.

News from Cherry Electrical Products (25 February 2008)

Snap switch answers glow wire concerns

The D4 miniature microgap snap switch offers with 15 termination configurations for the appliance market.

News from Cherry Electrical Products (23 October 2007)

Keyboard integrates smart card reader

The integrated PC/SC smart card reader located on the top of the keyboard saves space and also enables the user to perform a single-handed card insertion, while keeping the card in plain view.

News from Cherry Electrical Products (16 October 2007)

Secure keyboard checks fingerprints

The UPEK TCS1 capacitive fingerprint sensor with TouchChip technology protects against unauthorised access, offering a resolution of 256 x 360 pixels.

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