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Product category: DC/DC Convertors
News Release from: Murata Power Solutions | Subject: UQQ family
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 20 June 2007

Quarter brick convertors have 4:1 inputs

DC/DC convertors offer an ultrawide 4:1 input range, making them ideal for supplying up to 100W for industrial, medical and telecomms applications.

Besides battery and mobile power applications, the ultrawide 4:1 input range of C and D's advanced UQQ family of DC/DC convertors is ideal for industrial, medical and telecomms applications, and the devices are capable of supplying up to 100W of usable power Available models are 3.3V/25A, 5V/20A, 12V/8A, 15V/7A and 24V/4A with basic grade I/O isolation voltage of 2250V