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Hobb Lane Hedge End
SO30 0GH
United Kingdom
Telephone: (United Kingdom) +44 1489 780144

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Compact SBC stands alone

High-performance 5.25in form factor module has impressive onboard I/O, enabling direct interface with all peripherals without the need for additional hardware.

News from BVM ( 7 May 2008)

Embedded PC is small, cool and silent

Small size and low power consumption makes it suitable for protocol convertors, machine controllers and other applications where raw computing power is not the primary requirement.

News from BVM (28 February 2008)

SBC takes on graphics intensive applications

MicroATX-format embedded board promises excellent performance per watt, is I/O-rich offers outstanding 3D graphics performance, impressive I/O bandwidth and outstanding reliability.

News from BVM (11 February 2008)

Fanless computer suits signage applications

The WPC-763 is configured to accept the barcode scanners, photo sensors, card readers, limit switches, printer and other peripherals required in POS and kiosk applications.

News from BVM (25 January 2008)

ATX motherboard runs processor-intensive tasks

The MX-Q35 is a leading edge unit based on the Intel Q35 system chipset with any of Intel's Core 2 Duo and Quad processor family in the LGA775 package.

News from BVM (23 November 2007)

LCD monitors suit rough use

The TFT LCD screen is driven by analogue RGB via a VGA connector and the touch screen has a USB interface.

News from BVM (29 October 2007)

Compact module embeds full PC functionality

Complete PC comes in a tiny 115 x 115 x 35mm housing, and is designed for applications where raw processing power is not required.

News from BVM ( 2 October 2007)

LCD monitor eases display integration