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Air blown fibre set for naval duties

 User application article   Two new aircraft carriers commissioned by the UK MoD will feature air-blown fibre-optic networks.

News from Brand-Rex (18 March 2008)

RJ45 jacks snap into place without tools

Novel 10G-compliant tool-free RJ45 snap-in jacks provide quick and efficient product termination.

News from Brand-Rex (12 June 2007)

Cable maker meets aerospace quality standard

Brand-Rex has been awarded the coveted ISO AS9100 aerospace quality systems standard, to add to the existing ISO TS1649 automotive approval rating it has held since 2004.

News from Brand-Rex ( 6 February 2007)

3mm fibre designed to enhance network planning

When it comes to network flexibility and scale, is not always possible to predict the future - but you can plan for it effectively, with the new Blolite+ air blown fibre solution from Brand-Rex.

News from Brand-Rex (15 December 2006)

Optical cables exceed fire survival specs

Brand-Rex has launched a range of high performance fire-survivable cables that meet and exceed the latest IEC fire survival performance criteria for optical products.

News from Brand-Rex (29 November 2006)

Banks to analyse market demands

Brand-Rex is expanding its Glenrothes-based management team with the appointment of Kevin Banks as Business and Market Analysis Manager.

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