DC power supplies cover voltages up to 300V

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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jan 31, 2011

Sorensen has extended the DLM600 series of high-density programmable DC power supplies to cover voltages up to 300V and currents up to 75A.

The DLM600 provides up to 600W of power with low levels of both differential and common-mode noise.

With the use of zero-voltage switching (ZVS) technology, these supplies are able to achieve low, near-linear ripple and noise.

In addition, the high-efficiency and fast-load transient response ensure that the DLM is suited for the most demanding applications.

The DLM600 series can be configured with GPIB, RS-232 or LAN (LXI) interfaces and multiple units can be controlled using master/slave digital control.

The half-rack 1U format enables two units to be mounted side by side and no vertical space is required for vertical stacking.

Higher currents can be achieved using master/slave parallel operation.

Full-power operation extends up to 50C ambient and the units carry a five-year warranty.

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