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News Release from: Blue Sky Research | Subject: FiberTEC
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 17 September 2003

Lasers integrate optics
and single-mode fibre

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The FiberTEC line of fibre-coupled lasers combines Blue Sky Research's high-performance laser modules and microlens optics technology with a single-mode fibre pigtail

The FiberTEC line of fibre-coupled lasers combines Blue SkyResearch's high-performance laser modules, which includeintegrated control, monitor and drive electronics and thecompany's award-winning, patented microlens opticstechnology, with a single-mode fibre pigtail. The firsthigh-volume products available are the FiberTEC 405, a 405nmviolet laser with up to 15mW output power, and the FiberTEC 635,a 635nm red laser with 25mW output power.

Additional wavelengthsand configurations of 440, 473, 658, 690 and 785nm are availablein sample volumes.

The complete FiberTEC product line willconsist of UV, violet, blue, green, red and near-infra-redversions, and includes polarisation maintaining fibre and beamcollimating optics options.

FiberTEC fibre-coupled modules offerconsiderable advantages for many applications.

By separating thebeam delivery system from the diode laser itself, beam qualityand stability considerations are greatly simplified.

The fibrecan be positioned anywhere in the optical delivery system and thelaser can be located at any convenient point, givinginstrumentation designers more flexibility.

Blue SkyResearch's microlens technology optimises the beam profilefor optimum coupling efficiency, generating maximum output powerfrom the fibre.

The output from the fibre is an almost perfectcircular Gaussian beam with low aberrations.

Optional collimationor filtering optics can be installed at the fibre tip, allowingfor a variety of different output beam profiles and spectra.'We receive many requests for fibre-coupled configurationsof our lasers, so we decided to release a complete line ofintegrated fibre-coupled modules', said Chris Gladding,President and CEO of Blue Sky Research.

'Stable and accuratecoupling for maximum efficiency can be a tricky business, butwith our microlens optics and fibre coupling methods, we'reable to mass-produce high stability, low-cost laser modules thatdeliver optimised beam profiles with maximum output power'.Each FiberTEC laser includes a high-power laser diode coupledwith a 1m single-mode fibre, thermoelectric cooler and integrateddrive and protection electronics in a compact (71 x 24 x 15mm)package.

Power outputs of 5, 10 and 25mW are available for theFiberTEC 635 and 5, 10 and 15mW for the FiberTEC 405.

Standardfeatures include automatic power control and automatic currentcontrol electronics.

Control interface options include either amanual interface of jumpers and trimpots, or remote controlthrough circuit board pins.

Performance meets or exceeds the bestavailable laser sources, with very stable output power,beam-pointing stability over temperature, high electricalefficiency and proven reliability.

In addition to the FiberTEC405 and 635, the complete FiberTEC line will include wavelengthsfrom 375 to 785nm, available in a variety of standard as well ascustom configurations.

Blue Sky Research offers laser modules forvirtually any application, including spectroscopy, confocalmicroscopy, printing, optical data storage, and more.

TheFiberTEC 635 and FiberTEC 405 are available in volume productionnow.

New members of the FiberTEC family will be announced soon.

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