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Product category: Electromechanical Components
News Release from: Baldor UK
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 26 July 2006

Baldor Extends its AC drive capability

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Baldor UK has become a distributor of Invertek Drives' frequency inverters for the variable speed control of motors

The product range allows Baldor to offer its industrial AC motor customers a much wider choice of control options for simpler adjustable speed applications, and includes drives with energy saving functions - supporting Baldor's new line of ultra-high-efficiency motors. 'Invertek Drives has created a versatile range of frequency inverters for speed control', says Baldor's Andrew Stephenson.

'The product range complements our own higher-power AC drives with vector control, greatly extending our ability to offer turnkey motor and drive packages in the lower segment of the variable speed automation market'.

'The range also includes drives with energy optimisation features, providing the means to reduce operating overheads and speed the return on investment'.

'Baldor is a major player in the UK industrial motor market, and has a strong focus on energy efficiency - a key driver in current speed control applications', adds Rhydian Welson, Sales Director at Invertek Drives.

'This agreement will provide UK automation builders with a single source of supply for adjustable speed motor packages, and one that more than meets the emergent challenge of conserving energy'.

The AC drive range includes three families: Optidrive E for low-power applications, and where cost is the key driver; Optidrive Plus which can deliver 100% torque at zero speed - supporting applications such as cranes and hoists; and a variable torque inverter called Optidrive VTC for applications such as the control of fans and pumps.

The latter drive features a sleep mode, and an automatic energy optimiser function, which reduces the motor voltage to match the load.

Baldor offers AC motors for virtually every industrial application, with a rich choice of protection options to optimise the products for use in harsh environments.

To combat fast rising energy costs, Baldor has just launched a range of IEC-frame AC motors that emphasises extreme operating efficiency.

This has EFF1 choices - in line with Europe's existing 'high efficiency' standard - plus a further choice of premium efficient motors that are up to two percentage points more efficient. Request free introductory details about products from Baldor UK....

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