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News Release from: Baldor UK
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 5 June 2001

Washdown servomotors boost performance

Baldor has launched a range of brushless servomotors optimised for use in clean environments or hostile operating situations.

Note: A free brochure or catalogue is available from Baldor UK on the products in this news release. Click here to request a copy.

Baldor has launched a range of brushless servomotors optimised for use in clean environments such as bio-pharm and food packaging and processing lines, or hostile operating situations such as inside machine tools. Believed to be the first 'washdown-duty' servomotors on the market, the range introduces a valuable new performance option for OEMs, allowing them to deliver higher speeds, accelerations and positioning accuracies in machinery and automation. The Baldor WBSM Series are designed to withstand high-pressure washdown environments.

Among the protection features incorporated are a white epoxy coating, stainless steel hardware and shaft extension, premium moisture resistant wire - potted for additional protection - a weld-sealed stator stack, plus special shaft seals, O-rings and double-sealed bearings.

Together, these features prevent water and cleaning agents from entering the housings.

In combination with the maintenance free brushless design and a thermal cutout switch, the motors offer very high reliability for extended lifecycles in harsh environments.

Users have a choice of 13 motor options, spanning continuous stall torque ratings from 1.6 to 20Nm, with the option of custom designs offering up to 41Nm for special requirements.

Rated speeds range from 1200 to 4000rev/min, with up to 7000rev/min optionally available.

A rugged brushless resolver is integrated into the motor for simple system building.

The new WBSM Series motors are UL, CSA and CE approved and conform to worldwide-accepted shaft and mounting arrangements.

Baldor offers a complementary line of brushless servo controls compatible with the high-level Mint motion language, for motion systems with from 1 to 64 axes of positioning control, providing users with comprehensive solutions from a single source.

Matched performance lab-tested performance curves are available showing the complete operating range for industrial motor and control combinations. Request a free brochure from Baldor UK....

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