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Unit 3C, Wavertree Boulevard South
Wavertree Technology Park
L7 9PF
Telephone: (UK) +44 151 220 2500

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PCIe cards provide reliability and speed

Brainboxes' PX-279 and PX-275 cards both offer eight RS232 ports to add reliable and high-speed connectivity via any standard PCIe slot

News from Brainboxes (10 January 2008)

ExpressCard is a simple expansion option

The VX-001 1 Port RS232 is the first Brainboxes serial product to be based on USB technology.

News from Brainboxes ( 6 December 2007)

UK Bluetooth specialist lands in Florida

In its 24th year of trading, Brainboxes has decided the time is right to open a US office to better serve its expanding customer base in North and South America.

News from Brainboxes (30 November 2007)

Technical excellence meets the gold standard

Brainboxes has been recognised by Microsoft for demonstrating technical excellence of the highest quality and consistency and awarded its Gold Partner Status.

News from Brainboxes ( 3 April 2007)

Bluetooth adapters are ready for Vista

Brainboxes has been working closely with Microsoft for the past 18 months to ensure that when Windows Vista is released customers will be able to seamlessly move over.

News from Brainboxes (19 December 2006)

European effort leads export expansion

Brainboxes has successfully expanded its business into Europe during 2006, doubling its exports to the continent in the process.

News from Brainboxes (14 November 2006)

Lean manufacturing secrets to be revealed

Brainboxes has been selected by the DTI's Manufacturing Advisory Service to demonstrate the effectiveness of "lean manufacturing" at T