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BAE Systems Aerospace Controls

600 Main Street
Johnson City
NY 13790
Telephone: (USA) +1 800 295 3530

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Listing of all 16 news releases from BAE Systems Aerospace Controls:

Direct writing technology proved in F1 application

Scientists and engineers from BAE Systems' Advanced Technology Centre in Filton, UK, have developed technology to "write" electrical circuits directly onto surfaces.

News from BAE Systems Aerospace Controls (26 October 2006)

Wireless project spawns novel antenna design

A new wireless system allowing television studio cameras to be operated without the need for clumsy, trailing cables has been developed by BAE Systems.

News from BAE Systems Aerospace Controls (11 May 2006)

Measurement system guides craft into Venus orbit

A new and incredibly accurate, measurement system has been used by European Space Agency for the very first time to successfully guide the Venus Express spacecraft into orbit insertion.

News from BAE Systems Aerospace Controls (13 April 2006)

British Army orders information infrastructure

BAE Systems has been awarded a contract valued in excess of GBP 200 million to provide the British Army with an information infrastructure system due to enter service in 2010.

News from BAE Systems Aerospace Controls ( 4 April