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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Dec 10, 2007

Multifunction control devices combine slide-operation stick switches with a centre push function.

New from Alps Electric, the SSAF series of multifunction control devices combines slide-operation stick switches and a centre push function for small portable devices such as mobile phones and handheld terminals.

In recent years, advances have been made in installing large-format displays in mobile phones, with an increasing number of handsets enabling users to browse Internet sites designed for access from computers.

Unlike those for mobile phones, websites designed for browsing from computers contain information with numerous links that are hidden off the displayed screen.

To view the whole page users need to press a button several times to move the screen or to select the linked URL.

Hence the need for a device that will enable mobile phone users to freely operate a cursor in the same way as a computer mouse, thereby making Internet browsing easier.

The SSAF series are multifunction control devices that combine an eight contact slide operation type switch with a centrally located push-switch function.

With Alps Electric's proprietary sliding contact construction, which moves the operating part in various directions, the moving contacts will either make or break a circuit with any of the eight contacts, thus determining the direction of movement of the operating part.

This enables free movement of the cursor on a mobile phone display.

In addition, input instructions are read as the contacts are switched on and off, so no special integrated circuit (IC) or software is required.

With these features, the SSAF series will not only help simplify the design of set products input structures, but also reduce component design work and costs.

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