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Product category: PCB Connectors
News Release from: Alps Electric (UK) | Subject: SCHD Header Type Connectors for microSD Cards
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 24 April 2007

Low-profile connector suits mobile phones

Alps Electric's SCHD series Header Type Connectors have a height almost equal to that of the microSD cards, which measure 11.0 x 15.0 x 1.0mm

Alps Electric has completed the development of the SCHD series Header Type Connectors for microSD Cards, which are widely used with mobile telephones, digital cameras and other compact mobile devices, and will commence their mass production from April 2007. Today's mobile telephones offer not only such basic communication functions as phone and e-mail services but also value-added functions including digital cameras and audio players.

The volume of data these multifunction mobile telephones handle is constantly increasing, with users saving still and video images captured using the units' built-in high-resolution digital cameras as well as saving and playing music data.

The large memory capacity these functions require often exceeds units' default memory capacity, forcing users to employ high-capacity memory cards.

The current trend with regard to the development of finished products that use peripheral memory cards - including mobile telephones, digital cameras and compact portable audio devices - is toward further compactness, thinness and functional variety.

Due to this ongoing drive toward improvement, however, finished product manufacturers have to deal with reduced mounting space in their products.

This situation is fuelling these manufacturers' demand for more compact, lower-profile parts.

The SCHD series is a header type connector for microSD Cards.

The thinnest in the industry at only 1.6mm, the connector houses a microSD Card that can be manually inserted into or ejected from the connector.

The connector itself is designed to have a height almost equal to that of the microSD cards, which measure 11.0 x 15.0 x 1.0mm.

This low-profile connector will contribute to dimensional reduction of finished products.

In addition to the dimensional advantage, a card guide structure has been introduced at the memory card insert slot on the connector.

This mechanism has been made possible by Alps' insert moulding technology.

The card guide structure not only facilitates the smooth insertion of memory cards into the connector, it also protects both the circuit board and connector terminals.

Often, when a memory card is inserted into a slot, it is at a random angle and may make contact with circuit boards and terminals and damage them, which is precisely what the card guide structure is designed to prevent.

Thus, the card guide structure obviates the risk of terminals detaching from circuit boards.

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