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Alps Electric (UK)

Garamonde Drive
Milton Keynes
Telephone: (UK) +44 1908 555700

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Alps designs compact thermal printer

Alps Electric has developed the PTMBL1A00A Compact Thermal Printer for portable terminals such as those used for issuing tickets on trains and credit card receipts in restaurants.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (17 October 2008)

Miniature potentiometers take control

Typical applications include controlling dimmers, wipers and various in-car accessories.

News from Alps Electric (UK) ( 3 July 2008)

Smaller outline for slide switches

Low-profile slide switches promise high reliability in portable devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital camcorders and notebooks.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (11 June 2008)

Slimline camera module enables extra features

The compact and thin profile of the FPDJ8 has been achieved using a proprietary structure with the lens is directly mounted to the interior of the module.

News from Alps Electric (UK) ( 2 June 2008)

TV tuners have analogue and digital covered

TV tuners for terrestrial digital broadcasting are compatible in common casing with both terrestrial digital and analogue broadcasting for Europe and North America.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (20 March 2008)

Magnet sensors monitor lids and doors

The HGDE series reliably detects the opening and closing of lids and doors on consumer equipment such as mobile phones, notebooks and digital camcorders.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (28 February 2008)

Lead-free lenses maintain performance

Using lead-free glass with a different reflection index and transition point, Alps has created lenses that are equivalent to existing products in terms of shape, specifications and price.

News from Alps Electric (UK) ( 8 February 2008)

Hollow-shaft encoders take on dual role

The EC35B Series of hollow-shaft encoders incorporates an industry first: an encoder and self-return switch incorporated in a single, dual-function dial.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (20 December 2007)

Controller eases handheld webpage navigation

Multifunction control devices combine slide-operation stick switches with a centre push function.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (10 December 2007)

Incremental encoders control without wobble

Typical applications for the EC11J series are in volume adjustment or menu selection for car audio and car navigation systems.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (22 November 2007)

Open and shut case for detection

Detector switches combine long stroke travel, high reliability and long operating life.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (12 November 2007)

Connectors allow multiple formats in one slot

The SCJD series has a push-push mechanism, which allows an easy handling through manual insertion and removal of the Memory Stick Duo and miniSD cards.

News from Alps Electric (UK) ( 9 November 2007)

Geomagnetic sensor suits mobile phone use

The HSCD series can precisely read extremely weak magnetic fields, or geomagnetism, to accurately detect direction.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (25 October 2007)

Sensor monitors absolute and gauge pressure

Alps Electric's HSPP piezoresistive pressure sensor allows portable navigation devices to monitor road elevation.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (15 October 2007)

Push lock switches suit car lamp use

SPEF series in-car switches feature a push-lock mechanism that provides almost silent and smooth operation.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (10 October 2007)

Potentiometers suit automotive applications

RK454B potentiometers offer a rotation angle of 180 degrees and offer resolutions of 0 or 17 detents per rotation.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (26 September 2007)

Connectors offer slim, durable design

SCZA2 connectors feature a manual media ejection structure, which allows for an easy insertion and removal of the wireless communication modules.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (27 July 2007)

Tuner upgrades to HD satellite signals

DVB-S2 digital BS tuner unit has same mechanical outline as existing DVB-S format device, enabling easy upgrade of existing designs.

News from Alps Electric (UK) (23 July 2007)

Encoder and pushbutton come together

Compact control combines an incremental encoder with a centre-push switch for automotive entertainment and navigation applications.

News from Alps Electric (UK) ( 5 July 2007)

Convertor brings harmony to mobile cards

A miniSD card conversion adapter allows the use of microSD cards in legacy mobile devices.

News from Alps Electric (UK) ( 3 July 2007)

Multifunction switch targets automotive control

Low-profile connector suits mobile phones

Magnetic sensors boast high reliability

Strategic move for Kuhs leads to Garratt promotion

Camera modules aid handset differentiation

Double-action push switch slims for handsets

Piezoelectric pump powers liquid cooling

Detector switch shrinks for compact devices

Input devices provide three-way switching

Potentiometers take on/off switches onboard

Tiny Rotary Switches for Digital Camera Mode Dials

Tact switch is smaller than a grain of rice

Tiny FM transmitter brings multimedia together

Encoder/switch combos follows European trends

Detector switch slims for camera integration

Incremental encoders take to the road

Trade show targets appliance manufacturers

Trinity stars in disk drive market

Connectors are ready for ExpressCard

Tuners for terrestrial broadcasting are compact

Memory Stick Micro connectors mate three ways

Detector switches need no solder onboard

Low-profile card connectors aid miniaturisation

Magnetic sheets boost RFID antenna sensitivity

Compact card connectors push for inclusion

Smaller size for TransFlash card connectors

Report details social and environmental issues

Alps arrives in Milan

Electromagnetic drive produces vibration feedback

Sockets simplify CMOS camera integration

Electromechanical components target white goods

Compact format for thermal printer mechanisms

Connectors link with compact memory cards

Switches sense automotive position

Automotive AM/FM tuners boast high sensitivity

Detector switches seek automotive applications

Woodland takes charge of UK operations

TACT switches slim to compact applications


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