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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Mar 28, 2011

AVX has created a CD detailing its tantalum and niobium-oxide capacitors, which will help designers access information more easily and select the correct capacitor for their applications.

The interactive CD, called The AVX Tantalum Office, has been issued by AVX to bring a range of information to industry professionals, students and the general public.

AVX has created a new CD detailing its tantalum and niobium oxide capacitors

Featuring a 3D animated character called Mr Oxicap, users can quickly and easily find what they are searching for.

The CD contains product offerings, technical papers and market specifications or requirements, as well as presentations, teardown reports and information on the latest software tools.

Designed as a walkthrough guide, Mr Oxicap welcomes users in a reception area and takes them though to a virtual conference room, where there's an explanation about what a tantalum capacitor is and information about its structure and how it is manufactured.

In the laboratory area, users are encouraged to explore tantalum uses and applications.

Finally, in the library, there's more information about current and future product offerings from AVX.

The AVX Tantalum Office menu is available in English and Chinese versions and supports both Windows and Mac OSX systems.

Visitors to PCIM (17-19 May, Nuremberg, Germany) will also be able to pick up a copy.

Find out more about this article. Request a brochure, download technical specifications and request samples here.
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