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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Nov 23, 2010

Austriamicrosystems has developed a DC-DC converter for single- and dual-cell powered devices such as blood glucose meters, remote controls, hearing aids, wireless mouse or any light-load application.

The AS1310 is an ultra-low quiescent current hysteretic step-up DC-DC converter optimised for light loads (60mA) and has efficiencies of up to 92 per cent.

With 1uA the AS1310 step-up converter also features a low quiescent current, operates over a wide 0.7V to 3.6V battery supply and provides output voltages between 1.8V and 3.3V.

Even at loads as light as 100uA, efficiency still reaches 85 per cent, increasing battery life.

Since the supply voltage of many battery-powered applications is moving from 3V to 1.8V, the AS1310 boost DC-DC converter was designed to be able to generate both.

If the input voltage exceeds the output voltage the device goes into a feed-through mode and the input is directly connected to the output voltage.

The AS1310 DC-DC converter suits applications in which a lot of time is spent in an idle mode and therefore draws only a small current.

In order to save power, the AS1310 features a shutdown mode in which it draws less than 100nA.

During shutdown, the battery is disconnected from the output.

In addition, the AS1310 step-up DC-DC converter allows adjustable low battery detection.

If the battery voltage decreases below the threshold defined by two external resistors, the output is pulled to logic low.

This signal is used to indicate 'low battery', so no separate supervisory ICs are needed.

The AS1310 boost DC-DC converter is available in a TDFN eight-pin 2mm x 2mm package and operates over a temperature range of -40C to +85C with a power supply range of 0.7 to 3.6V.

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