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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Mar 24, 2006

A next-generation board based on the AMD Geode GX CPU is set to continue the processor's success story in embedded long-life low-power fanless computing.

The Geode family of processors from AMD has been extremely successful in the market for embedded long-life low-power fanless computing.

Arcom's popular SBC-GX1 product has been in full production for the last 5 years and, as part of the EOL phase, will continue until 2008.

To extend the Geode roadmap, Arcom has now introduced a next-generation board based on the AMD Geode GX CPU clocked at 400MHz but with performance equivalent to a similar class of CPU running at 533MHz.

The real benefit of the SBC-GX533 is that you're getting a product with more than three times the performance of the Geode GX1 and an even wider selection of features while consuming the same amount of power - a perfect solution for upgrading your existing system while maintaining true fanless operation.

The SBC-GX533 is an industry standard EBX embedded board (8 x 5.75in) offering a superset of the original SBC-GX1 features including dual 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet ports, up to 32Mbyte of embedded onboard Flash memory, two additional USB 2.0 ports, hot swap CompactFlash (CF+) for I/O devices such as Wi-Fi and modem cards and a PC/104-plus expansion connector for PCI addon modules.

The SBC-GX533 still supports popular legacy features such as serial ports, printer and keyboard/mouse ports.

The serial ports now operate at up to 921Kbit/s and, offer deep 128byte FIFOs with automatic RTS control on the RS422/485 port - a practical benefit when running high-speed serial communications under Windows XP.

For those building user interface panels, the board also includes a four-wire analogue resistive touchscreen interface and has direct support for TFT flat panel displays.

2006 will be dominated by the requirements for the European RoHS Directive, and anyone who supplies products such as set-top-boxes or PC-compatible solutions used purely as general-purpose IT equipment will need to demonstrate RoHS compliance.

The SBC-GX533 product has been designed to embrace the requirements of the Directive.

However, Arcom will also offer a board option manufactured using lead based solder for industry sectors which cannot accept lead-free solder, such as military systems, or which fall outside the RoHS Directive such as control and monitoring, medical and communications infrastructure equipment.

To simplify your system integration, the SBC-GX533 is offered with development kits and board support packages for Windows CE 5.0, Windows XP Embedded and embedded Linux as well as a rugged industrial compact enclosure (ICE) for complete system solutions.

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