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News Release from: ARC International
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 4 July 2002

Cores join Virtual Component Exchange

ARC International is to register its semiconductor IP portfolio on the Virtual Component Exchange (VCX).

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ARC International is to register its semiconductor IP portfolio on the Virtual Component Exchange (VCX). The VCX, developer of TransactionWare - software tools for trading IP on the Internet - and creator of the VCX TradeFloor exchange, will include ARC's IP in its listing - a registry of more than 350 hardware and embedded software IP blocks from more than 25 key vendors in the semiconductor intellectual property industry. ARC International plans to list its world-class, user-customisable ARCtangent 32bit RISC/DSP processors, RTOS, peripherals and development tools.

ARC currently has its VAutomation range of communication peripheral cores listed.

VAutomation, a former subsidiary of ARC, is now fully integrated with the parent company under the ARC International brand.

In effect, ARC International has become a one-stop shop for designers looking for embedded RISC/DSP processors, RTOS, software, peripherals and development tools - SoC solutions that have been fully integrated, tested and guaranteed to work together.

The VCX listing provides IP sellers with an efficient means of marketing their IP directly to qualified and registered IP buyers and also through the growing community of VCX Gateway partners.

Using VCX TransactionWare software, engineers at each Gateway location can search for VCX-tradeable IP, obtain details on each IP block and request access to more confidential data.

Based on industry standards, the software tools provide vendors and integrators of IP with a common protocol and language to facilitate data access, evaluation, and contracting protocols.

The result is faster decision-making and a reduction in cycle-time for license completion, reducing time-to-market for both buyer and seller.

"The VCX has come to be regarded as the source of trusted data for semiconductor IP.

It's also a very efficient marketing channel, enabling us to maintain our portfolio of processor, peripheral and software IP in one location, ready to be directly accessed by a growing number of chip designers worldwide", said Mike Gulett, president and chief executive of ARC International.

"In addition, our own objectives fit well with those of the VCX - to provide a faster route to market, and to reduce the risk and development cost associated with trading IP".

"We are pleased that ARC has decided to reaffirm its commitment to the VCX and list its IP.

The VCX listing is delivering real value to buyers and sellers, and there's more to come.

Our goal is to catalyse the SoC and IP markets, and we continually strive for that, adapting to market needs and using our technology to open up the market", said Andy Travers, CEO of the VCX.

"Reducing cost of sales is a prime goal for sellers in this increasingly competitive market.

ARC International joins a growing number of IP vendors that want to take advantage of the efficiencies provided by the exchange to help them meet that goal".

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