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News Release from: ARC International
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 18 June 2002

ARC pulls itself together

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ARC International has completed the integration of its three subsidiaries into the parent company, finalising a plan announced early in 2002 by new CEO Mike Gulett

The three subsidiaries: MetaWare, a Santa Cruz, CA toolset maker, VAutomation, a provider of communication peripherals, located in Nashua, NH, and Ottawa, Canada-based Precise Software Technologies, a provider of application-software platforms, are all now operating under the name ARC International.

"This is a very important accomplishment", said CEO Mike Gulett.

"By bringing these companies together, we have significantly enhanced our product offering.

In effect, we become a one-stop shop for embedded RISC/DSP processors, RTOS, software, peripherals and development tools.

We have a unique product portfolio, and we can offer integrated products that are not available from any other company".

"What's more", he continued, "customers are assured that all of our products have been tested and guaranteed to work with each other.

By providing solutions that include the processor integrated with the USB or Ethernet, RTOS and protocol stack along with the development tools, ARC International enables our customers to reduce their time to market, reduce their cost, reduce their number of IP suppliers and reduce their risk".

ARC International's MetaWare products include debuggers and compliers, such as the High C/C++/EC++ Embedded Development Tool Suite, SeeCode Debuggers and toolsets for ARC, ARM, StrongARM, MIPS, PowerPC, picoJava and XScale cores.

The Precise products now under the ARC International brand include the Precise/MQX RTOS and Precise/RTCS networking stack with optional IPSec, NAT and other protocols and optional embedded I/O components that are required for developing various types of resource-constraint devices.

The company's software can be found operating in hundreds of smart devices in the marketplace - digital telephone sets, PBXs, xDSL and cable modems, set-top boxes, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and process control applications.

The VAutomation side of ARC International features USB High Speed OTG (On-The-Go) and 1.1, Ethernet MAC and microprocessor cores such as Turbo 186, V8, V8086, V186, VZ80, and V6052.

In addition to development tools, VAutomation also produces the FPGA-based Intellicore prototyping system, V8-5RISC assembler/debugger and software simulator, and the Paradigm FS2 suite.

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