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Product category: Intellectual Property Cores
News Release from: ARC International
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 22 March 2002

Benchmark ranks ARC
core ahead of competition

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ARC International has released results on the first EMMBC benchmark

Microprocessors from six manufacturers, in both out-of-the-box and fully optimised configurations, were compared for JPEG compression and decompression, grey space filtering, RGB to CMYK conversion and RGB to YIQ conversion. The results show that the optimised ARCtangent-A4 outperformed all other cores in the study.

The EEMBC benchmarks allow two sets of data to be presented for each benchmark: 'out of the box', meaning compiled C with no code modifications allowed, and full fury, where any optimisation that can be done by a developer/customer is allowed.

"The EEMBC benchmark provides customers with a truly objective means of evaluating microprocessors and microcontrollers", said Farsad Sarrinfar, senior vice-president marketing and business development, ARC International.

"These results prove that the configurable ARCtangent-A4 is a highly competitive processor and they validate the premise that customisable processor technology can provide more than an order of magnitude improvement over what is possible with fixed processor implementations.

In addition, this processor in the ARC system environment enables customers to achieve faster time-to-volume".

"By posting both the out-of-the-box (standard C) scores as well as full-fury optimised scores, customers and prospects can real see the value of ARC's configurable, scalable architecture and how it can be used to increase performance", said Alan R.

Weiss, Chairman and CTO of the EEMBC Certification Laboratories (ECL).

"The fact that their cycle-accurate simulator was used means that hardware scores can also be compared against scores for intellectual property/core devices, accelerating time to market for system designers".

Complete benchmark data on all EEMBC certified processors may be obtained by visiting the EEMBC website, www.eembc.org.

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