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Apache Design Solutions

1098 Alta Avenue
Mountain View
CA 94043
Telephone: (USA) +1 650 641 4200

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Listing of all 18 news releases from Apache Design Solutions:

Power integrity software supports Common Platform

Chartered, IBM and Samsung and their customers now have access to an industry-leading power signoff solution.

News from Apache Design Solutions ( 7 November 2007)

Optimal acquisition for Apache

Optimal's production proven package and PCB extraction and analysis solution for power, signal, and thermal integrity compliments Apache's newly introduced Sentinel product line.

News from Apache Design Solutions (30 October 2007)

Software extends focus to IC-package codesign

Software combines core switching, power delivery network, I/O subsystem and package/PCB models in a single environment for accurate IC-package codesign.

News from Apache Design Solutions (29 May 2007)

Power-saving software evolves for new processes

Physical power integrity solution for advanced low power and leakage control designs targets power savings and leakage control techniques used in 65/45nm devices.

News from Apache Design Solutions (17 April 2007)

Analysis software supports UMC 90nm process

UMC's 9