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Product category: Stand-Alone Instruments
News Release from: Aeroflex | Subject: IFR 3900 Series
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 11 October 2004

PMR tester has the personality to cope
with Tetra

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The IFR 3900 Series is a next-generation portable digital radio test set platform claimed to set a new benchmark for quality, performance and value.

Aeroflex has reinforced its commitment to the professional mobile radio (PMR) communications test market with the launch of the IFR 3900 Series, its next generation portable digital radio test set platform Setting a new benchmark for quality, performance and value, the digital architecture of the Aeroflex IFR 3900 Series is designed both to support the defined specifications in today's standards as well as be ready for future requirements in the constantly evolving and rapidly changing worldwide digital PMR market

It does this through the incorporation of software options or "PMR personalities" that provide the measurement and signalling capabilities for specific advanced digital modula