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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jan 6, 2011

Anritsu has introduced what is said to be the first measurement suite for handheld analysers that measures the RF, modulation and over-the-air (OTA) parameters of TD-LTE eNodeB radio transmitters.

Designed for use with Anritsu's MT822xB BTS Master and MS272xC Spectrum Master ranges, the measurement suite provides carriers, network equipment manufacturers, third-party contractors and installers involved in the deployment of LTE networks with a comprehensive handheld test instrument to test, verify and report on base station transmitter quality and coverage.

With the TD-LTE RF measurement option installed, the MT822xB and MS272xC can measure channel spectrum, power versus time, Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR) and Spectral Emission Mask (SEM).

An RF summary can be displayed so users can view all results on the instrument's large display.

Field technicians and engineers can use the TD-LTE Modulation Measurement option to conduct constellation measurements and control channel power tests.

The modulation summary displays reference signal power, sync signal power, EVM, frequency error, cell ID and PBCH power.

Measurements that can be conducted with the TD-LTE OTA measurement option include cell ID, group ID, sector ID and synch signal (S-SS) power for the six largest signals.

It also displays S-SS dominance.

The five strongest signal measurements - reference signal power, sync signal power, EVM, frequency error and carrier frequency - can also be displayed.

Providing frequency coverage up to 43GHz, the MS272xC Spectrum Master series provides a broad frequency range.

The MS272xC series is also designed with an assortment of applications to test the RF physical layer, making it easier to monitor over-the-air signals, locate interferers and detect hidden transmitters.

The need to carry heavy benchtop spectrum analysers into the field to measure signals above 20GHz, such as those used in microwave backhaul applications, is eliminated.

The MS272xC Spectrum Master is integrated with a spectrum analyser and can be configured with a channel scanner and interference analyser to conduct all common field measurements.

The BTS Master MT822xB allows senior cell site technicians and RF engineers to accurately and quickly test and verify the installation and commissioning of base stations and cell sites.

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