News Release from: Anritsu (UK)
Subject: MP1590B
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 8 October 2004

One box has optical network testing covered

The MP1590B is a novel modular "single-box" test and measurement platform for assessing network performance.

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The MP1590B is a novel modular "single-box" test and measurement platform for assessing network performance. Combining extensive measurement capability, Windows XP-based ease of use, and portable size, the MP1590B is a valuable tool for service providers who are installing and maintaining optical networks, as well as manufacturers designing optical devices and network elements. Due to its expanded measurement capability, the MP1590B can replace multiple test instruments, making it extremely cost effective.

The MP1590B can perform all major EoS (Ethernet over Sonet/SDH) tests, including GFP (Generic Framing Procedure), LEX (LAN Extension Protocol for PPP), and LAPS (Link Access Procedure-SDH).

It supports both high-order (VC3/4, STS1/3) and low-order (VC11/12, VT1.5/2) mapping structures.

Users can set the member configurations of the transmitter and receiver sides individually.

Errors from all virtual concatenation groups can be analysed by the MP1590B, with a complete data summary and VC group analysis displayed on the instrument's screen.

Using the LCAS monitoring feature, users can analyse all VCG members and MST (member status) simultaneously.

Up to 64 LCAS schemes can be generated and displayed.

This makes it easy to analyse the time scale by simply reviewing the display time of each sequence.

The MP1590B directly supports all the Ethernet modules of Anritsu's popular MD1230A test system, allowing it to conduct Ethernet and IP performance tests from 10Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s, while simultaneously testing EoS, OTN or Sonet/SDH links with its other modules.

The MP1590B also supports OTN/Sonet/SDH and DSn/PDH analysis.

It can perform ITU-T G.709 OTN measurements, overhead setting and monitoring, arbitrary concatenation, and error/performance analysis with capabilities including through mode operation, a clock/frame synchronisation signal output, and a unique external modulator function for WDM applications.

The MP1590B can also conduct O.172 jitter tolerance and jitter transfer measurements.

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