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Product category: Intellectual Property Cores
News Release from: ARM
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 18 September 2003

Core to power Chinese cellular baseband

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Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group, one of the pioneers of China's maturing telecommunications industry, has licensed the ARM946E microprocessor core

The SCDMA baseband signal processor chip based on the ARM946E core developed by Datang will come out in the first quarter next year and is the first wireless baseband signal processor chip with self-owned intellectual property in China. "Datang's aim is to develop powerful, media rich telecommunication devices for the Chinese market, which will propel SCDMA devices to the forefront of wireless technology not only in China, but worldwide", said Yanhui Yang, Vice President, Datang.

"Licensing the ARM946E core through the ARM Foundry Programme gives us access to the advanced ARM microprocessor technology, which in turn will put advanced wireless applications into the hands of Chinese consumers".

As part of the agreement, Datang has also licensed the ETM9 embedded trace macrocell solution for advanced SoC debug.

The ETM9 solution will enable Datang to quickly and cost-effectively debug its ARM946E core-based solutions.

"ARM technology has already been proven to be the preferred microprocessor solution in existing GSM, CDMA, and other wireless networks where high performance at a low cost is key", said Jun Tan, President, ARM China.

"As more networks migrate to data rich 3G services, ARM will provide real time high-performance cores for basebands, such as the ARM946E core, and a high-performance application processor like the ARM926EJ-S core, which will enable a new breed of advanced multimedia devices.

This agreement between Datang and ARM places ARM at the heart of wireless technology in China".

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