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Product category: Intellectual Property Cores
News Release from: ARM | Subject: TransDimension USB OTG IP core
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 11 July 2003

USB On-The-Go comes to ARM SoCs

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TransDimension has achieved the Amba Compliance Testbench (ACT) certification for its full-speed USB On-The-Go (OTG) intellectual property (IP) core.

TransDimension has achieved the Amba Compliance Testbench (ACT) certification for its full-speed USB On-The-Go (OTG) intellectual property (IP) core The TransDimension OTG IP core is the first OTG core in the industry to achieve Amba certification

In addition, TransDimension and ARM have formed an alliance through which they will jointly market the TransDimension USB OTG core to ARM partners worldwide.

The alliance will offer ARM partners a complete solution for proven USG OTG solutions for ARM core-based processors.

This will be backed up by comprehensive software support from SoftConnex, a TransDimension subsidiary.

As part of their joint effort, the companies are working to ensure TransDimension's USB OTG cores and SoftConnex software stack integrate with the PrimeXsys platform.

The move illustrates the importance the industry attaches to the proven integration of third-party IP with ARM cores and platforms.

Such integration assists in the design of complex system-on-chip (SoC) solutions and reduces time-to-market.

TransDimension's embedded USB technology is ideally suited to the mobile market, where ARM technology is widely used, and where low power and small footprint are important considerations.

"This initiative combines the strengths of two industry leading IP providers for embedded and mobile applications.

TransDimension's USB OTG and host technology complements the ARM processor and PrimeXsys IP cell libraries", said Rick Goerner, President and CEO, TransDimension.

"We have committed to a collaborative effort with ARM that will offer ACT-certified products, and eventually PrimeXsys Platform-compatible product to their Partners and to the rest of the marketplace".

"Working alongside TransDimension, ARM will be able to offer our partners a low-risk route to integrate USB On-The-Go functionality into their Amba methodology-based SoCs", said Mike Inglis, EVP, Marketing, ARM.

"It has always been our goal to provide the most reliable and innovative products to our partners.

The aim of this collaboration is to offer our partners a complete and proven solution for their USB requirements that is Amba certified, has been proven in silicon and is backed by the most comprehensive software support in the industry".

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