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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Sep 14, 2009

Analog Devices (ADI) has extended its mobile television RF (radio frequency) product range with the introduction of what it claims are the industry's smallest terrestrial mobile TV RF tuners.

ADI's ADMTV803 and ADMTV804 RF tuners consume 60 per cent less power and are 50 per cent smaller than competing tuners, helping to prolong battery life and improve the user experience for mobile phone, notebook PC and PDA (personal digital assistant) applications.

The multi-standard tuners support China's CMMB (UHF band), TMMB and DTMB standards, as well as global terrestrial TV standards, including DVB-H, DVB-T (Europe), DAB (Europe), T-DMB (Korea), ISDB-T: full-seg, three-seg and one-seg (Japan) and ATSC-M/H (US).

Mobile TV is a service that allows viewers to watch television on their cell phones, notebook PCs or PDAs; and terrestrial TV refers to modes of television broadcasting, such as over cellular networks, that do not involve transmissions via satellite or underground cables.

ADI's radio chips allow mobile handset and portable and consumer electronic-device manufacturers to develop and ship mobile TV products capable of supporting multiple standards, providing greater market leverage from a single design.

This lowers BOM (bill of materials) costs and reduces board footprint for manufacturers while meeting the needs of network operators and content providers for faster time-to-market for new mobile TV services.

The single-chip tuners feature low power consumption of 90mW and are each housed in a 4 x 4mm LFCSP package.

The ADMTV803 low-power tuner supports the UHF (470 to 860MHz) broadcast frequencies of China's CMMB mobile TV standard, cutting the component count of other solutions by up to 50 per cent.

The ADMTV803 provides excellent signal reception with a low-noise figure of 2.5dB.

Its high linearity allows a sufficient margin for an adjacent channel-interference rejection ratio when supporting DVB-T/ISDB-T standards.

Additionally, the ADMTV803 integrates external passive devices required to configure the RF tuner circuitry, making it easier to configure space-constrained mobile TV systems.

The ADMTV804 features all the functionality of the ADMTV803 with the addition of an LDO (low drop-out regulator).

The LDO reduces BOM cost and was designed for the Chinese (CMMB standard) and the US (ATSC-M/H standard) market.

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