AD8235 reduces medical devices' power consumption

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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team May 4, 2009

Analog Devices has introduced the AD8235, a low-power instrumentation amplifier (in-amp) smaller than the tip of a pencil.

The AD8235 in-amp is suitable for power-efficient and portable, lightweight medical-devices and consumer-health products, including home-use ECG (electrocardiogram) monitors, infusion pumps and activity-monitoring medical devices.

With 50 per cent less power consumption than competitive offerings, the in-amp can enable designs to provide longer battery life.

This performance is suitable for compact, wearable home-based medical devices that improve patient comfort while providing doctors with continuous and reliable patient monitoring.

The AD8235 measures 1.6 x 2.0mm.

It operates on 1.8 and 5.5V (max) power supplies and draws only 40 microamps (max).

The AD8235 is suitable for other low-power applications, including consumer-fitness products and industrial pressure and low-side current-sensing measurement equipment.

These applications also benefit from the in-amp's six-nanoamp shutdown current and 40 picoamp bias current.

The AD8235's wide power-supply range eliminates the need for extra supplies.

The in-amp's wide common-mode input-voltage range (4 and 1.4V on 5 and 1.8V supplies respectively) is important for the low-voltage operation required by many battery-powered portable applications.

A high common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) of 86 dB (gain=5) effectively eliminates common-mode interference.

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