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Product category: Analogue and Mixed Signal ICs
News Release from: Analog Devices | Subject: ADV216
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 02 October 2007

Codec cuts HD video down to size

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Video compression codec enables wireless transmission of HD video in real time over home connections - with no loss of picture quality.

Expanding its Advantiv advanced television solutions portfolio, Analog Devices has introduced a video compression codec that enables a rich viewing experience for consumers with high-definition home entertainment systems by enabling the wireless transmission of high-definition (HD) video in real time - without any loss in picture quality -over home connections A compact and complete solution for compression and decompression of HD video, the codec distributes vivid images in high-volume consumer applications, such as the latest flat-panel TVs, leading-edge game consoles and next-generation DVD players, without the tangle of cables common to today's hard-wired home entertainment systems