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Product category: Communications ICs (Wireless)
News Release from: Analog Devices | Subject: ADF7021
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 10 October 2006

Transceiver chip covers multiple
low-power bands

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Narrowband transceiver IC is designed for operation in multiple frequency bands between 80 and 940MHz.

Analog Devices has extended its portfolio of leading RF ICs with the ADF7021 narrowband transceiver IC The ADF7021 is designed for operation in multiple frequency bands between 80 and 940MHz

Fully compliant with European ETSI-300-220, North American FCC Parts 15, 90, 95 and Japan ARIB STD-T67 regulatory standards, the ADF7021 achieves best-in class receiver sensitivity of -123dBm at 1Kbit/s and includes on-chip Tx/Rx switch, VCO tank, RF/IF filters, fully automatic AFC and AGC.

Because of its high receiver sensitivity, superior interference blocking, the ADF7021 is ideal for high reliability and maximum range applications such as wireless AMR (automatic meter reading), wireless home automation, industrial control and monitoring and remote security.

"The new ADF7021 fortifies our portfolio of subgigahertz RF transceivers for high range, low-power, and low-cost wireless connectivit