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Product category: Analogue and Mixed Signal ICs
News Release from: Analog Devices | Subject: AD8117 and AD8118
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 08 September 2006

Switches speed to route QXGA video

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Crosspoint switches operate above 500MHz, providing professional video designers with high levels of integration and bandwidth.

Analog Devices' 32 x 32 analogue crosspoint switches deliver an unmatched combination of integration and speed for high-resolution video applications The AD8117 and AD8118 achieve bandwidth of more than 500MHz - 65% higher than the nearest competitive 32 x 32 arrays-making them the industry's first single-chip 32 x 32 analogue crosspoint switches to achieve the high speeds required to route Quantum Extended Graphics Array (QXGA) video signals without degrading image quality