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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jun 29, 2006

Doremi Labs uses the ADV202 JPEG2000 video compression chip in its digital cinema movie mastering systems and playback servers.

Analog Devices' JPEG2000 video compression chip, the ADV202, has been designed into the digital cinema movie mastering systems and playback servers of Doremi Labs, a leading developer and manufacturer of video disk recorders and video servers for the professional video and audio markets.

Digital cinema is poised to revolutionise all aspects of the cinema market, from post production to digital projection, and Doremi Labs is at the forefront of this emerging technology with its advanced line of mastering systems and playback servers.

The Doremi DCP-2000 digital cinema server and the DMS-2000 digital mastering station are the first commercially available equipment capable of encoding and playing back digital movies at up to 250Mbit/s, the throughput rate required to meet DCI-JPEG2000 picture quality standards.

Doremi's DCP-2000 digital cinema servers are currently installed and playing DCI movies - including the latest summer releases "The Da Vinci Code", "Ice Age II " and "Cars" - in over 500 commercial theatres in the USA, with hundreds more servers being deployed each month.

The DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) standards consortium, which comprises seven major motion picture studios - Disney, Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal and Warner Bros.

Studios - formally adopted JPEG2000 in 2004 as the standard format for digital delivery of all motion pictures.

Analog Devices is the only semiconductor company offering a high-performance JPEG2000 video compression IC that meets the rigorous technical performance requirements of DCI-JPEG2000.

The ADV202 JPEG2000 video compression chip achieves high-definition image quality in real time, while offering an unprecedented flexibility and scalability in image delivery.

Movie distribution houses benefit from JPEG2000-standardised equipment because films can be encoded quickly and easily into the DCI format to provide the fastest means to distribute movies to digitally equipped theatres.

In addition, the rich, digitally mastered images are immune from the wear-and-tear damage celluloid films suffer after repeated viewings.

The majority of movies released in the DCI-JPEG2000 digital format are mastered with Doremi's DMS-2000 mastering station.

Analog Devices' ADV202 video compression chip enables the Doremi Labs DCP-2000 digital cinema server to decode and play back movies.

It also helps to enable the DMS-2000 digital mastering station to easily compress 2K and 4K DCI movies, the resolution specifications supported by the DCI-JPEG2000 standard.

Together, the DMS-2000 and the DCP-2000 allow hardware-accelerated compression and decompression of digital movies, capturing and playing back sharper, more life-like images to provide a more engaging cinematic experience compared with conventional film.

"Analog Devices' JPEG2000 chip is the industry's only image compression chip that meets the rigorous encoding and decoding capabilities required by DCI", said Camille Rizko, Technology Director, Doremi Labs.

"Using the ADV202, which provides a complete JPEG2000 solution, Doremi has been able to deliver clearer, crisper cinematic images and a robust digital technology that eliminates the need for 35mm film stock".

With ADI's JPEG2000 compression technology, designers of DCI mastering and decoding equipment can reduce cost and eliminate many of the programming issues associated with alternative compression techniques that require the use of power-consuming FPGAs or multiple servers to encode high-bitrate DCI films.

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