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Product category: Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and DSPs
News Release from: Analog Devices | Subject: ADuC702x precision analogue microcontroller
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 30 March 2004

ARM7-based MCU takes
precision analogue onboard

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The ADuC702x precision analogue microcontroller integrates a powerful 32bit RISC core with up to 16 channels of fast, 12bit accurate A/D conversion and up to four 12bit DACs

By embedding precision analogue functionality with digital programming on a single chip, Analog Devices, aims to greatly simplify control and monitoring in applications such as factory automation sensors, optical network transmitters and automotive body control electronics. Analog Devices' precision analogue microcontroller solution integrates a powerful 32bit RISC core with precision data conversion technology that supports up to 16 channels of fast, 12bit accurate analogue-to-digital conversion and up to four 12bit digital-to-analogue convertors.

"We are seeing strong customer demand for high-performance data convertors with embedded processing power", said Mike Britchfield, Product Line Director for Precision Convertors, Analog Devices.

"As performance, size, and power requirements are becoming more stringent, customers are moving toward integrated products including precision convertors and powerful MCUs such as the ARM7 family core".

The ADuC702x precision analogue microcontroller family featuring ARM7-based programmability joins Analog Devices' portfolio of 8052-based solutions, known as the MicroConverter series.

Like the ARM7 core family-based range of products, MicroConverter products are designed for high-precision measurement and control, and data acquisition systems with basic digital programming needs.

The new ADuC702x solutions integrate an ARM7TDMI core that features a Flash-based 16/32bit RISC MCU with processing capability up to 45MIPS peak performance.

Analogue peripherals include up to 16 channels of fast, 12bit accurate analogue-to-digital conversion, up to four individual 12bit monotonic DACs and a precision bandgap reference with a drift performance of better than 10ppm/C.

Other peripherals include: a comparator, programmable logic array, and three-phase PWM generator.

The devices also support flexible power-down and wake-up modes and are specified for 3V operation with temperature ranges of -40 to +85, +105 and +125C.

Packaging options range from a tiny 6 mm x 6 mm 40-lead CSP (chip-scale package) to an 80-pin LQFP.

Factory automation equipment using ultrasonic, magnetic or optical proximity sensors benefits from the integration of precision analogue with a powerful processing core in a small package.

The ADuC702x family offers an integrated monitoring and control solution for SFP and XFP optical transceivers.

By including support for LIN, the ADuC702x family offers solutions for body-control electronics in automobiles.

To further support the automotive market, future derivatives will integrate CAN and additional memory.

Analog Devices' low-cost QuickStart development system includes a suite of comprehensive software development tools by Keil Software and IAR Systems.

These are shipped along with supporting hardware, such as evaluation board, JTAG emulator, power supply and cables.

Pricing for 1000-piece quantities starts at $4.55 for one of the 40-lead CSP options and ranges up to $12.80 for the full-featured ADuC7026 in an 80-pin LQFP.

QuickStart development systems and sample parts are currently available and will be released to production in October 2004.

The QuickStart development system is priced at $249 and is available directly from Analog Devices.

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