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Product category: Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and DSPs
News Release from: Analog Devices | Subject: SHARC Melody Platform
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 30 March 2004

DSP-based platform simplifies
home theatre setup

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Combining high-end audio performance with consumer-friendly setup has been simplified for manufacturers of home theatre systems

Combining high-end audio performance with consumer-friendly setup has been simplified for manufacturers of home theatre systems, thanks to Auto Room Tuner (ART) technology integrated into the latest SHARC Melody Platform based on the recently introduced third-generation SHARC processors from Analog Devices.

ART is a new software algorithm for audio calibration and equalisation that makes it very easy, fast and convenient for consumers to match surround-sound receiver settings to the acoustics of the space in which they are installing their home theatre or music system.

The result: ART enables the best possible listening experience across a wide "sweet spot" in the room.

In addition to directly benefiting consumers, ART facilitates greater product differentiation by audio manufacturers, enabling them to bring highly optimised and easy-to-set-up surround sound to a broader consumer market - where buyers value simple operation as highly as the latest new features.

Analog Devices' ART technology is available to manufacturers as part of the complete audio processing and system development environment delivered by the SHARC Melody Platform.

The Auto Room Tuner technology builds on the company's December introduction of its third-generation SHARC processors, the foundation of the SHARC Melody Platform.

The most recent SHARC processors feature high integration to optimise system costs, support for the latest audio decoders and postprocessors, and numerous audio-specific on-chip peripherals, which help manufacturers bring studio-quality audio to consumers quickly and at reasonable prices.

The industry leader Denon Electronics is the first to introduce ART technology to the consumer; its recently introduced AVR-3805 receiver uses the algorithm and Analog Devices' third-generation SHARC processor, the ADSP-21266.

A high-value, high-performance 7.1-channel surround sound receiver, the Denon AVR-3805 (SRP US $1200) appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January and was Denon's first-offered automatic room/speaker equalisation.

The product also features formats from leading intellectual property holders such as: Dolby Pro Logic IIx (for cinema, music and games) from Dolby Labs; HDCD from Microsoft; DTS 96/24 5.1, DTS ES Discrete and DTS ES Matrix from DTS; and Melody platform-based postprocessing like ADI Virtual - all based on the SHARC Melody Platform.

"Analog Devices continues to bring professional quality to mass-market consumer audio applications, this time with the addition of our Auto Room Tuner technology", said Mike Haidar, General Manager, Software and Systems Technology, digital signal processing Systems Division, Analog Devices.

"Developers of home theatre and audio/video receivers can greatly simplify the setup of these sophisticated systems, which traditionally require a professional installer to perform the measurement, calibration and equalisation needed to obtain the best performance in a given space.

When they use ART to automatically compensate for non-ideal room acoustics and speaker response, manufacturers realise a big advantage in bringing rich surround sound to the ears of many more buyers.

An advanced sound system doesn't have to be complicated to use".

"The recent introduction of our ultimate-performance AVR-3805 receiver is one of the ways Denon is making true home theatre sound accessible to more consumers", said Hirofumi Ichikawa, General Manager, Products and Marketing, Denon.

"But this successor to our extremely popular AVR-3803 is distinguished by even more than its virtuoso performance and high value for the price.

By choosing Analog Devices' third-generation SHARC Melody Platform, including ART technology, we are able to feature auto-setup calibration and room equalisation that lets anyone tailor the performance of the AVR-3805 to their particular listening space in just a few minutes".

ART technology measures and compensates for the response of a multichannel audio system, making home theatre setup exceptionally friendly.

After installing the receiver and speakers, the consumer positions a microphone at the main listening position.

The consumer then initiates the calibration and equalisation process through the receiver's remote control.

The outcome is significantly better sound quality, not only at the main listening location but also in a wide spread across the room.

ART technology is based on a high-quality algorithm implementation based on state-of-the-art signal processing and pattern-recognition techniques.

While designed for competitively priced applications, the results possible with ART rival the best available high-end room equalisers.

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