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Product category: Circuit Protection Devices
News Release from: Analog Devices | Subject: ADuM130x and ADuM140x
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 22 May 2003

Coupler range adds
three- and four-channel devices

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Analog Devices has added a range of multichannel devices to its patented iCoupler family of digital isolators for high-voltage industrial applications

These new triple and quad-channel iCoupler devices eliminate multiple components, enabling breakthrough performance in a single package that provides a 60% reduction in circuit board space, a 40% reduction in per-channel cost, and up to a 98% reduction in power consumption over the prevalent existing solution: optocouplers.

The new iCoupler isolators are ideally suited for industrial applications involving datacommunications and data convertor interfaces as well as other multichannel isolation applications.

iCoupler products feature a patented isolation technology based on planar magnetics rather than the LED/photodiode combination used in optocouplers.

By eliminating the inefficient electro-optic conversions present in optocoupler devices, iCoupler components are able to operate at one-tenth to one-fiftieth the power without the need for external components to drive LEDs (light emitting diodes).

In addition, an iCoupler isolation channel is able to operate at a much higher data rate, offers better timing accuracy, and better common-mode transient immunity than optocoupler devices.

Furthermore, unlike optocoupler devices, multichannel iCoupler products offer both forward and reverse communication channels within the same component.

"Industrial system designers are increasingly seeking to reduce the size and cost of their assemblies.

As a result, the component-count, board space, power consumption, and thermal dissipation characteristics of optocouplers are becoming limiting factors", said Pat O'Doherty, Product Line Director for Precision Convertors, Analog Devices.

"By introducing a multiple-channel approach and eliminating optocoupler size, power, and heat penalties, ADI has lowered the implementation cost of isolation and provided design efficiencies removing isolation as a limiting factor in industrial designs".

In response to market demand for an optocoupler alternative with improved performance, integration, and cost characteristics, Analog Devices developed a new method to isolate sensitive circuitry and users from high-voltage environments.

In 2001, the company introduced its single-channel iCoupler solution for the high-end industrial market, the ADuM1100, which achieves significant improvements over optocouplers in terms of power consumption and performance.

The ADuM1100 has been adopted by industrial companies for high-speed or low-power applications primarily.

Today Analog Devices addresses the demands of the mid-range market with the introduction of a lower cost-per-channel series of multichannel iCoupler components, the ADuM130x and ADuM140x product family.

The ADuM130x/ADuM140x family consists of five products covering all possible channel directionality configurations.

The ADuM1300 and ADuM1301 products are triple-channel isolators, while the ADuM1400, ADuM1401, and ADuM1402 products are quad-channel isolators.

Each of the five products is available in three performance grades supporting data rates of 1, 10, and 100Mbit/s with appropriate timing accuracies for each datarate.

All ADuM130x/ADuM140x devices operate with the supply voltage of either side ranging from 2.7 to 5.5V, providing compatibility with lower voltage systems as well as enabling voltage-translation functionality across the isolation barrier.

The ADuM130x/140x products have extremely low pulsewidth distortion and channel-to-channel matching values reaching as low as 2ns for the high-performance grade.

All this is provided with exceptionally low power consumption ranging from 0.4mA per channel at 2Mbit/s up to 24mA at 100Mbit/s.

The ADuM130x and ADuM140x products are sampling now and will be in full production in September 2003.

These multichannel digital isolators are available in wide-body, 16-lead SOIC packaging.

The three-channel ADuM130x devices are priced per unit in 1000-piece quantities at: ADuM130xARW (1Mbit/s), $2.22; ADuM130xBRW (10Mbit/s), $2.97; and ADuM130xCRW (100Mbit/s), $3.99.

The four-channel ADuM140x devices are priced per unit in 1000-piece quantities at: ADuM140xARW (1Mbit/s), $2.96; ADuM140xBRW (10Mbit/s), $3.96; and ADuM140xCRW (100Mbit/s), $4.48.

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