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Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 27 September 2002

Convertors simplify third-generation basestations

Three novel convertor-based solutions for wireless applications provide a foundation for software radios in multicarrier and third-generation wireless applications.

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Three novel convertor-based solutions for wireless applications provide a foundation for software radios in multicarrier and third generation wireless applications. The three devices - the AD6635, AD6652 and AD9786 - can be used within a basestation to reduce cost, size, and complexity. The AD6635 is the industry's first eight-channel receive signal processor (RSP).

The AD6652 is an integrated radio receiver with embedded dual ADCs and RSPs.

The AD9876 is a 16bit, 400Msample/s DAC that achieves excellent noise and intermodulation distortion performance and provides greater levels of performance for transmit architectures.

"As communications companies strive to meet demands for next-generation wireless services while maintaining a healthy balance sheet, Analog Devices responds with ground-breaking, cost-efficient solutions with unsurpassed performance", said Dave Robertson, Product Line Director for Communications Products, Analog Devices.

"We continue to meet customer demands by evolving our product families to drive innovation for the wireless infrastructure market".

The AD6635 and the AD6652 are the latest additions to Analog Devices' VersaCOMM family of receiver signal processors which down convert IF (intermediate frequency) data and present it to the DSP in a multicarrier transceiver.

In IF sampling applications, the RSP is a numeric preprocessor for the DSP, intended to replace a local oscillator, quadrature mixer, channel select filter, and data decimation in a traditional super heterodyne radio.

The RSP replaces the analogue mixing, filtering, and tuning functions with programmable digital equivalents enhancing performance and reducing component cost.

The AD6635 and AD6652 can also be used in combination with Analog Devices' SoftCell multimode and multicarrier transceiver chipset.

The AD6635 RSP is capable of processing up to four wideband code-division multiple access (cdma2000 or WCDMA) channels or eight narrowband (GSM/Edge) carriers.

It features four reconfigurable 80Msample/s wideband input RSP channels, as well as eight independent RSP channels, in a single package.

Its highly flexible design allows it to share channel resources, so that it can perform both narrowband filtering and wideband processing.

The AD6635 is available in a 324-ball grid array package and is priced at $37.40 per unit in 1000-piece quantities.

The AD6652 is a highly integrated mixed-signal IF to base band receiver that reduces PCB space and enhances signal integrity by directly coupling outputs from the dual 12bit ADC to an onboard quad-channel multimode digital RSP.

Combining the ADC and RSP functions into a single chip results in easier testability, enhanced reliability, and cost savings, as compared with purchasing separate components.

Optimised for use in single carrier and diversity radio architectures, it features four reconfigurable RSP channels, which can be customized for specific air standards such as processing two WCDMA carriers.

The AD6652 is available in a 256-ball grid array package and is priced at $38.25 per unit in 1000-piece quantities.

The AD9786 is an addition to Analog Devices' TxDAC+ line of transmit-quality DACs.

It is a 16bit, 400Msample/s CMOS DAC that sets new benchmarks in distortion and noise performance, allowing synthesis of multicarrier transmit signals at intermediate frequencies of 140MHz and beyond.

This record performance enables systems designers to eliminate an up-conversion stage and reduce overall parts count, ultimately lowering total system cost.

Its 2x/4x/8x selectable interpolation filter eases datarate and output signal reconstruction filter requirements.

The AD9786 is sampling in an 80-lead thermally enhanced TQFP, priced at $46.71 in 1000-piece quantities.

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